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We believe that strategic planning and creative execution go hand in hand, whereby both sides of the brain unite to transform common elements and ideas into extraordinary results. Our clients understand the value of our approach and are an integral part of the team.

A well-written strategic plan drives the creative process and ensures that every project’s momentum stays aligned with the established goals. The purpose of all projects and programs are constantly scrutinized at SDG. We do the research, identify and analyze constraints and barriers to success, and question the so-called ‘tried and true.’ Often, innocuous assumptions, when challenged, can be thrown aside–making way for solutions no one thought possible. In short, the creative process must be fully supported by the solid groundwork of a well thought-out plan.

great ideas
How do we find the really good idea? We ask the right questions and listen. We immerse ourselves in our client’s industry or resort market. We get to know our client’s audience-their particular desires, concerns, and expectations. In short, we do our homework. Then, we strike a balance between emotion and logic, fact and feeling to trigger the response we want.

Our systems work. There’s nothing sexy about it, but just ask our clients. Over the years, we’ve all but perfected the procedures for estimating, billing, and the way work flows through the agency. We work diligently to make sure every job runs smoothly through the design and production processes. We make it a priority to keep you informed, and in control, with the appropriate documentation and critical point sign-offs. What our clients experience is something that feels easy–projects that are initiated and completed in a timely, competent, and personal manner.